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Take control of the cost of Health Insurance.


At Joe Costa & Associates, we are passionate about giving control to our clients.  For employee benefits, this means helping to create and administer Self-Insured Plans.

If you are a large employer, you’re likely frustrated with employee benefits - just like we were. You probably don’t think about it this way, but your strategy over the last several years has probably been one of reactions. Meaning, you are probably where you are not because of a strategic plan on which you’ve been executing, but because of a series of reactions to annual premium increases.

There are dozens of brokers who will promise things like superior service, to work hard for you, and give you “outside the box” thinking, and so on. These are good things, but at the end of the day, most of these people will hand you a spreadsheet with a variety of insurance options and that is what passes for their strategy and work product.

JC&A is different. We create multi-year WRITTEN strategic plans for our employers. We collaboratively design the strategy, and then we are tasked with executing it on their behalf.  We don’t measure success based on a one-year set of rate options – we base success on improving the value of your company. 

There is no miracle cure for health insurance. There is no magic bullet that will cut your rates by 20%. But with the right plan, we can mitigate increases, give you more control, and get you off of that annual roller coaster.  

Here are a few of the tools we use to create a custom self-insured plan for our employers:

  • Independent Stop Loss Coverages

  • Captive Stop Loss Coverage

  • Predictive Analytic Software

  • On Site Medical Providers

  • Radiology Benefit Management

  • Virtual Medicine

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management, including through a consortium

  • Compounding Pharmacy Benefit

  • Direct Provider Contracting

  • TPA/HRIS/Payroll Integration

Self Insured Plans

Mitigate costs

Plan for the long term

improve the quality of care for your team

Self Insured plans allow you to keep a closer eye on where your health insurance dollars are going, and see opportunities to mitigate costs.

Look at where you're headed and build out a benefits package and health programs that will support your goals and growth.

Understand what your team needs, and then provide that through unique programs, health coverage, and unique opportunities that we can show you how to implement.


To learn more about Association Health Plans,

contact Joey Costa at 706-224-7610 or

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