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Customized service for each and every employer. 


This is the goal of Joe Costa & Associates (JC&A). We are an insurance brokerage, but we don’t fit into the normal mold of an insurance firm.  We don’t start by selling insurance, we start by listening. We want to know about your unique business, your operations, your challenges and your goals.  Only then can we be the best partner to work with you in creating an employee benefit plan that will not only meet today’s goals, but also creates a foundation for your company to succeed for years to come.  

We have decades of experience, we’ve held leadership positions within our industry associations, we hold advisory positions with insurance companies and we have strategic partners to join in serving our clients.  We leverage all of this for our clients to bring them the service and information that truly makes a difference in their employee’s lives.  

JC&A is not looking to work for every employer out there.  Instead, we want to partner with employers who are looking for long term solutions and a team to guide them through to success.  If you want better, you’ve come to the right place. Come experience the difference between a spreadsheet and a partner, with JC&A.


How We Can Help You

Grow your company and create value through effective Employee Benefit strategies that can help you attract top talent and retain key personnel. We provide services and solutions designed to work specifically for you.

Utilize the size of your association to provide lower cost/better benefit medical coverage for members of your association without the headache of creating and administering an AHP.

 Leverage the buying power of thousands of employers and hundreds of thousands of employees to drive down the cost of Employee Benefits, Workers Comp, and HR Services.

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